When I Grow Up I Want To Be This 102-Yr-Old Woman Who Has Become The World’s Oldest Skydiver


In our current reality where individuals effortlessly expect that age backs off an individual, this 102-year-elderly person is refuting them. She isn’t giving her age a chance to hinder a courageous ordeal.

At the point when Irene O’Shea skydived from 14,000 feet, for the third sequential year as of late, she turned into the most established skydiver on the planet


The Australian lady skydived out of the blue when she turned 100 two years prior, and from that point forward she has been going out on a limb the consistently.

Her little girl kicked the bucket from engine neuron infection ten years back, and she needed to utilize this hop as a chance to fund-raise and mindfulness for the sickness.


There’s a video that indicates O’Shea grinning as she gets ready to leave the plane with Smith, her teacher.


While she was getting ready for the plunge, her grandkids and incredible grandkids were sitting tight for her at the arrival territory with embraces.