Great News For All : Presently, Google hunt to discover missing guardians


Gone kid: He disappeared as a kid and returned as a grown-up. Bhagyaban Rath, now 20, of Odisha’s Kendrapada area disappeared 14 years back yet was brought together with his folks, on account of a smidgen of fortunes and a tad of Google.

Flashback: Bhagyaban got isolated from his dad while coming back from a visit to his uncle’s home in a neighboring area’s town. He was later saved by a decent samaritan and shielded in a neighborhood shelter; Bhagyaban proceeded to finish a recognition in mechanical building this year, because of the assistance got from the halfway house’s in-control.

Homecoming: A black out beloved memory of the Hanuman sanctuary where his uncle functioned as a minister incited Bhagyaban to scan for the place on Google — he effectively found the town, Dasmantpur, at that point went there and could find his uncle, who thusly helped him rejoin with his folks.