Sex robot gets 92 Tinder coordinates in 2 hours


A huge number of individuals continue dating applications for some human warmth from time to time – for a few, however, ‘human’ isn’t really part of the condition. A reasonable sex robot has accumulated right around a hundred matches on Tinder in only two hours.

A trial was directed by a movie producer taking a shot at a movie about sex robot houses of ill-repute. In a mission for source material, Jimmy Meihel set up a dating profile on Tinder for Harmony – the world’s first sex robot with an AI.

Addressing the Daily Star, Meihel said he picked a prime time and prime place: 9 to 11pm on a Friday night on the lower east side of Manhattan. A dazzling 92 men in the region spied right.


Dislike they could have effectively thought Harmony was human: one of the photos Meihel gave obviously had her automated cerebrum in plain view, and the profile directly beneath the pictures unmistakably exposes the whole truth.

However when gone up against by Meihel about their decision, just 17 individuals said they would need to engage in sexual relations with a robot. Fifteen said possibly, and 25 threw in the towel.


Meihel’s plan was only an idea analysis, and he never wanted to watch a sex robot really go on dates (possibly it’ll be in his next film, who knows). Truth be told, Harmony wasn’t even his in the first place: he got the consent from Mat McMullen, the robot’s maker, to utilize its (her?) pictures.

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Or, in other words, it costs some $15,000 to buy one of the ultra-cutting edge sex toys. She’s more than that to the principal glad proprietor, nonetheless: in July, the epicurean (going under the well-suited moniker Brick Dollbanger on the web), evaluated sex with her at a 8.5/10 contrasted with a genuine lady, and said he trusted it would be a genuine relationship.