Top 5 Floating markets of the world


The world is full of various miracles. From one corner to another, this world is full of various mysterious activities as well as information that will keep most of the individuals silent. In the same context, floating markets across the world have its own type of importance and grace among the people. Whether it is Kerala or Banjarmasin area of Malaysia, this floating market has its own importance which attracts both locals as well as tourists to shop here.

  1. Banjarmasin Floating market:

This market is full of various handcrafted items, spices, fruits and vegetables. Decorable items made from traditional craft reflect the rituals and traditions and drags individuals’ attention.

  1. Fung Hep and kai bay:


rkets in Vietnam and these attracting lot of individual’s attention by availing them mouthwatering foods along with boating. Kai bay market takes place at the joint tian river which tends to be a transportation hub. Due to being the nearby location of chi minh city, it attracts lots of tourist’s attention to spend their time.

  1. Demnoensaduk Floating market

Floating market of Thailand is most known among the individuals of the entire world. The place is 100km far from the capital of Thailand and traditional Thai houses are common as well as among individuals attention. Individuals can also enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, coconut painkeke and varieties of noodles to eat.

  1. Floating market of Srinagar

In Srinagar, there is no inbuilt floating market but vegetable selling business takes place every day between 5 to 7. The market is too old and due to less time duration it receives a huge amount of travelers and it has 35 crore turn over every year.

  1. Business over 100 plus boats in Kolkata

In the capital of West Bengal, the Country’s first stable floating market has been developed during the year 2018. This market has more than a hundred boats and you can find fruits, vegetables, fishes, flowers along with various other products as per the individual needs. This market has a wooden way to go from here to there and it remains open between 6 am to 9 pm every day.