Falling In Love Can Also Be A Reason Of Weight Gain


When falling in love, every moment of life becomes really romantic. By acquiring your favorite life partner, your everyday life also takes various turns and there might be various alternations in your routine life. But have you thought about gaining weight due to being in a relationship? Absolutely yes, as per the recent research, whether you are a boy or girl, there are major chances of gaining weight when falling in love with your partner.

As per the research conducted by the Central Queensland University, Australia, the chances of weight gain are really augmentative when being in a relationship. The research has been done over 15,000 individuals and their body mass indexes were also compared in this context. The researchers have also been included both single and couples for this purpose.

Here are the reasons that tend to increase weight fast

  1. Lacking From Individual’s Health

The study indicates that acquiring your favorite partner ruins the chances of impressing your partner and most of the individuals stop caring about their looks. Eating habits also get various alternations and uneven food grabbing procedures tend towards increasing fat excessively which further turns towards obesity after some time.

  1. Lacking Exercise Routines

When being in a relationship, most of the individuals prefer spending more hours with their partner and it leads towards less attention over exercising practices and other activities taking place every day.  Rescheduled lifestyle can also be a big reason for gaining weight.

  1. Changes In Eating Habits

A relationship also disdains the eating habits of individuals. Most of the individuals don’t pay any attention towards taking healthy diet. Eating anything without paying attention can also lead to various dangers which might take place due to bad eating practices. Some couples also love to take street foods, junk foods and various others which tend to be higher in calories and leaves bad impact over entire health. These foods also tend to be unhealthy as well as unhygienic and become a reason for gaining fat.

  1. Incomplete Sleeping

Most of the individuals usually talk to their partner at the night and spend more hours on it and daytime schedule also become hectic after every passing day. Due to not taking proper sleep, their metabolism gradually decreases and tends for bad fat.

  1. The increment of Happy Hormones

All of the individuals become excited after getting their favorite life partner and due to this reason, the body releases oxytocin and dopamine. The release of happy hormones tends to eat extra calorie foods and these foods further become the reason of weight gaining.