Love made India Oxenberg leave Nxivm ‘sex faction’


India Oxenberg has left the Nxivm faction, which marked her as a sex slave, since she began to look all starry eyed at.

While her mom has been getting press for her endeavors to remove India, it was love that at long last did it, sources say.

Her mom, “Line” performer Catherine Oxenberg, stated “Hostage: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult.”

In interviews advancing the book, Catherine has assumed acknowledgment for protecting her “mentally programmed” little girl from the grasp of Keith Raniere, who is being held in Brooklyn on government charges of wholesale fraud, constrained work, sex trafficking and wire misrepresentation.

Be that as it may, a source at Plantmade, the East Village veggie lover eatery where India worked, stated, “What happens when you meet the adoration for your life? Blast!”

India has apparently succumbed to Patrick D’Ignazio, the nice looking youthful culinary specialist at Double Zero, Matthew Kenney’s eatery on Second Avenue.

Forthcoming Parlato, the previous Nxivm marketing expert who worked for a considerable length of time to uncover the religion, detailed: “Patrick said he would not endure his better half taking requests from Raniere and being in a sex faction.”

As per sources, the lovebirds as of late took a get-away in Italy and are en route to go inhabit Catherine’s home in Malibu