Travel from US describes she was sexually pestered in five Star Hotel


New Delhi: As we as a whole realize that in our nation we look at visitors as an ambassador of god and welcome them with warm respects yet as of late a movement blogger from US uncovered her stunning occurrence with her as she was sexually pestered by bystander in a five Star Hotel in Delhi.


We as a whole trust that in India we say visitor resemble God we should welcome them joyfully however a few people don’t know importance of this and they do that things which is disgrace for our nation. A US travel blogger portrays her story on her Youtube channel and on Facebook that how she was sexually badgering by arbitrary bystander and in her 5 Star Delhi Hotel.


Travel Blogger transfers her movement recordings on her Youtube Channel ‘Travellight’ and on other internet based life account, as of late she visited India to see magnificence of India yet things doesn’t go well as she thought.


Foreign travel said,she was sexually harassed in Delhi hotels:

She shared her Delhi street involvement in which she said she was contacted and grabbed by arbitrary bystanders. “Men just haphazardly going by connected and snatched me… they were contacting me, grabbing me. This one person kinda inclined in and he just said to me, ‘I need to f**k you’, directly into my face, even with Livio (her sweetheart) in that spot,” she said in her Youtube video.


Well this was not the closure she has additionally shared her Delhi Hotel involvement in which she said that where lodging staff killed her room A.C and Wifi with the goal that they can get into the room, under the affection of settling them and furthermore they approached her room phone for opening the entryway however she didn’t opened it.


She said that this was at the very least like a blood and gore flick for her. The Hotel was closed brought down after the 24hr of posting that video. Police is researching this issue. She said that her first experience was bad in India but rather she will come some time or another again to see magnificence of India.