Organizer and CEO of Amazon Tony Stark :- How world’s most extravagant man, Jeff Bezos, has advanced his style


The most extravagant man on the planet and the organizer and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, dressess to inspire. Named as a ‘style symbol’ by the New York Times as of late, the 54-year-old has stealthily and gradually reformed his style proclamations.

Thinking back to the 80s in New York, the business person began with quick and proficient clothing regulations like a shirt with shrouded snaps under the neckline focuses for simple tie evacuation. This was layered by a sharp dark suit — the normal office-going Joe clothing. White or blue dress shirts and some khaki jeans made up the majority of his closet.


Quick forward couple of years and the online retailer had totally changed his look, which was reminiscent of a pointedly and gorgeously dressed Tony Stark. In 2017, Bezos ventured out in pants and dark polo coat blend at the Summit LA17 that especially took after the pants, dark tee and calfskin coat curation that Robert Downey Jr. displayed in Iron Man 2.