Now you can spot your train via using Whatsapp


Whatsapp is a social media website which entertains a big number of users every day. This social media website is also going to launch a new service by which the customers can be able to spot their train. By using this feature, individuals can check their train status; spot their train or other train related queries by using Whatsapp only.

By using the association of MakeMyTrip, an Indian railway is resolving all train related queries on the Whatsapp. These queries will include train updates, arrival and departures, booking and cancelation along with the platform number where the train will arrive.


In order to use these services, customers need to save a mobile number 7349389104 on their contact list. Where they can message the train number as to fetch its complete details including arrival and departure along with the platform number where the train will be stationary. Though the issue of the server is really common and sometimes it might consume a bit more time but it is expected to get the response within 10 seconds. Now, there is no need to call at 139 to know about your train related updates but you can find everything by checking it on whatsapp application.