Now Your Favorite Car Is Available In Less Investment


Most of the individuals tend to buy a car due to various reasons. These reasons might be luxuriousness, comfort, safety or various others however most of the individuals look forward to having them in their different visions. Most car dealers are also offering various schemes including cash back and various others to boost their sales. Most of the banks are also involved in helping individuals with purchasing a new car. Having a car is not only a style segment but it also shows about richness. The most costly vehicle you will purchase; other people will formulate your status on that basis.

Though, planning to acquire a new car requires various mandates including the amount of EMI, Down payment and various others but most of the banks are helping them in this segment by reducing their burden of cash requirements. Though you should also identify the right time to buy a car but the August month tends to be a favorable one because most of the banks enable low EMI options to boost their sale. Here are few cars listed here which individuals can purchase by just investing 5000 rupees per month as EMI of a car loan.

  1. Tata Tiago


Tata Tiago is a car model which could be obtained by individuals by investing their small amount as a monthly installment. State bank of India is also offering the cheapest car loan to their customers where they can purchase this car within 9.25 percentage interest.

Starting price of Tata Tiago: 3.35 lakh

EMI: 4906 rupees per month

Minimum Downpayment: 1 Lakh

Tenure of repayment: 60 Months

  1. Hyundai EON

Hyundai EON is another vehicle in this segment. Hyundai company has been launched various car models to their customers and all of these could be purchased by adopting EMI option.


Starting Price of Hyundai EON: 3.33 Lakh

EMI: 4,865 rupees per month

Minimum Downpayment: 1 Lakh

Tenure of repayment: 60 Months

  1. Renault KWID

Renault is another car manufacturer which offers various car models in diesel and petrol variant. Renault KWID is the starting model which encompasses with various features and its sleek design also attracts individuals to buy it further.


Starting Price of Renault KWID: 2.67 Lakh

EMI: 4524 rupees per month

Minimum Downpayment: 50,000

Tenure of repayment: 60 Months

Apart from all these, there are various other car segments are also available which are being offered as per the availability of budget at customer’s side. However, the cars tend to be a style statement of every individual and there are various options which can help them to make their dream come true.