Movie Review: SatyamevJayate


The movie “SatyamevJayate” has been released today in most of the theaters across India. The entire movie is based on the corruption widespread in the entire police force. This movie has been directed by MilapZaberi and casted by actor John Abraham, ManojBajpai, Aisha Sharma. The producers of this movie are Nikhil Advani and BhushanKuman.


Story of the Movie

In this movie, Veer (John Abraham) is an artist and there is a killer inside him. He tends to burn the police individuals after that formulate their sketch.  The task of arresting Veer becomes tedious for entire police force than Inspector Shivansh (ManojBajpai) comes to join and takes charge of this case. However, the killing activities tend to remain at the same frequency and Shivansh tries to arrest the killer as well.

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However, there is another story that describes how a decent person becomes a killer and veer tries to keep corrupted police officers out from the department by his own ways. DCP Shivansh tries their best to catch the killer and cracks the plan of the killer as well. Though the story goes out after this point and it seems like the scriptwriter got confused to decide about its further lines. This is a major issue however, the movie starts with a good point but its goes derailed ahead.

Direction, Acting and Music

The subject of the movie is outdated and you can easily guess about its upcoming events. The acting segment is also not so much catchy however it is the debut movie of Aisha Sharma and she has been done a good job to perform her role. In Music segment, Nora Fatehi’s item number “DilbarDilbar” is quite good and “PaniyoSa” track is also really engaging which is sung by AtifAslam.


The rating of this movie is 1.5 hence it is only the wastage of time and money if you are going to watch it in theaters.