Five Steps To Unlock Your Android Phone


Gadgets are playing vital role into the lives of human beings across the world. Mobile phones tend to be one among them which have their bold identity among individuals and have been playing an active part. Most of the individuals put them down to their head during nights as to keep their messages, photos, videos and other data prevent from others. Most of the mobile phones also enable various safety features like face recognition, figure sensing, pattern lock, pin lock and other as to keep the data safe from various hazards.

Here are few steps which will help unlocking your mobile phone is easier ways:

  1. Switch off the mobile immediately to perform this action.


2. Now use the combination of volume up button, home screen button and power button.


3. You will find five options. From all those, choose ‘wipe data/factory reset’.


4. Once selected ‘wipe data/factory reset’, press yes option that will wipe all data from your mobile phone including contacts, photos, videos, music everything.


5. Your mobile will restart once and now you will get an unlocked mobile on your hands.