Tourist Places Of Amarkantak And How To Reach Them


In order to make your life fullest with joy, visiting at various places would be an excellent idea. In India itself, there are various tourist places which have great name and most of the individuals look forward to having a glance. Amarkantak among them is among one of the best places which are situated in meeting points of Satpura and Vindhyas mountain ranges. It is also a pilgrimage center where a big number of Hindus come to visit to see the source of sone and Narmada river. There are various other places which most of the individuals look into and its natural scenery and lush greenery also attract due to being its own kind. Apart from being a pilgrimage, it is also a unique natural heritage which comprises various numbers of places which have natural attractions.


Shambhudhara and dugdhadhara are two adjacent falls at nearby locations of kapildhara fall. Dudghadhara among them is 5 km far from Narmada temple and can be sightseen with shambhudhara fall at the same period.


 Narmada Temple:

Narmada temple is another attraction where most of the individuals come to see its sagacity. Most of the individuals from every corner come to see it natural beauty and spend their bit more time to live in the lap of nature.


Mai Ki Bagiya:

It is situated about one kilometer of Narmada kund and here you can find wide ranges of mangos and various other fruits and flowers. As per the sayings, maikibagiya was the location where maa Narmada used to come to pluck the flower. Though, it is still known for various medicated plants and herbs.

Source:Tourist in India

How to reach:

Amarkantak is connected with roads from various cities like Rewa, Raipur, Anuppur, Shahdol and various others. However, Anuppur is the nearest railway station from where you can take public buses or private cabs for hire to see the natural beauty of Amarkantak and its other hilly places. Wildlife century is another added feature and most of the individuals can come to see various wild animals and their living standards. However, before visiting these places, you need to take some tickets or prior approvals as to make your travel elegant and yet enjoyable.