Human Trafficking- A Dark Side Of Incredible India


The happenings of the world always impact a lot and it only helps us to identify as a human. Every day various sorts of happenings are taking place and all these really impact on our mind and our way of thinking. If you tune any news channel or just peep into any news headline, the thing you will get to read is all related to rape, murder, looting activities as well as various others. These sorts of happenings are not limited but these tend to be massive and growing after every passing day. However, most of the individuals consider it in its various means but whatever it is; it is really hazardous for our society.


Human trafficking and various other issues are nowadays tending into a hot topic as these are impacting hard and forcing people to acknowledge and to rethink all these. The issues of human trafficking are not a one day story but it has a prolonged history behind it. From bondage to prostitution along with various others, there are various issues which are sufficient to destroy the lives of various man and women. The theme is mixed and it involves kidnapping and various other procedures. All these victims which have been kidnapped are distributed to involve them into slavery, prostitution and in various other segments.

Source:Hindustan Times

There are various places where most of the women are being supplied and it involves various hotels, massage parlors as well as various red light areas which are popular for prostitution. These red light areas have tarnished identification even most of the individuals don’t love to touch these people either. The women involved in these professions are forced to do it and these also have hidden boundaries which hold them within and restrict from living a normal life. Some women also get involved in prostitution activities as there is huge money which is sufficient to put band on their eyes.

Source:The Express Tribune

Most of the reports are taking place every year and showing the increasing rate of human trafficking case along with the lives of these women being abducted. This problem is not country specific but it is a worldwide issue and in it is blossoming in various countries and all of these are also trying to get rid of it. The situation is worsening after every passing day and there are various women who are being abducted from various places and being supplied in various other countries.

Source:Press Journal

There is no full proof way to handle it effectively hence it is among most discussed topics with no solid resolutions.