12 Underrated Coldplay Songs – You Might Have Near Listen


12 Underrated Coldplay Songs 

Music is a best creation of the man which mainly touches your soul and also helps us to compassionately manifest unspoken desire and humanity in man. The main effect of music in man is what that separated him form the other human beings and deliver the equality among the people which they belong to different cultures and backgrounds. The main truth is that music does bring different people together. The best part is that it allows us to experience the equal in the heart as well as in soul.


Let’s have Glimpse of underrated Coldplay Songs

  • Song: Such a Rush


Album: Safety EP: This is one of the public release by the British rock and cold play. In May 1998, it was recorded over a first weekend. It was recorded as a demo for record companies. Every person of the team was truly pleased with the positive result. The song of this EP has all seemed unchanged on following releases by cold play.

  • Song: Viva La Vida

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Album: Glass of Water: This is one of the song which is sung by the British band Coldplay. This is mainly written by the members of the band mutually. This word mainly took from the Spanish language which means Long Live Life. This is also known as the signature song of the Coldplay.

  • Song: Green Eyes

Album: A Rush of Blood to Heart: This is the second studio album recorded by the British rock band as well as Coldplay. On 26th of August this album was released for the audience. The main point is that it is mainly produced by the producer ken Nelson.

  • Song: Til Kingdom

Album: X & Y: This is also one of the album which was recorded by the British band as well as Coldplay. On 6th June 2005, it was released in the United Kingdom. It is mainly fact is that Danton Supple has completed this task with complete perfection.

  • Song: A Whisper


Album: This is second album which is mainly recorded by the British band and Coldplay for the audience with complete perfection. It was released in 2002 on 26 August. At that the time of recorded the band was very much popular among the people.

  • Song: Gravity


Album: Talk: Gravity song is sung by the Sara Bareilles in 2009. This is a song which is perfectly suitable for the sad as well as happy mood.

  • Song: Swallowed in the Sea

Album: X & Y: This is also recorded by the Coldplay for the audience. The lyrics of the song is like you cut me down a tree. This was released in the 2005 by the perfect singers.

  • Song: Yes

Album: Viva La Vida: This is completely recorded in the new style by the Coldplay with the support of British band. The complete delivers the message related to the frustration due to sexual temptation.

  • Song: O

Album: Ghost Stories: This is the sixth album of the Coldplay which is mainly recorded in the 2014. This is also recorded by the British band with co-producer. It is released in the North America.

  • Song: Army of One

Album: A Head Full of Dreams: This is also known as the eight wonder of the music world which was recorded by the Coldplay and British band in 2015.

  • Song: Death and All His Friends

Album Name: Viva la Vida: This is a song by the British band Coldplay in 2008. This is also written by the band members for the fourth album which is Viva La Vida.

  • Song: Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

Album: Mylo Xyloto:  This song also done by the British rock band and Coldplay in 2008. This delivers the best message to people that is about moving forward when you are in difficult phase.