Sexed Semen


Sexed Semen innovation and Embryo exchange innovation (ETT) have altered the creature reproducing. Since the approach of Artificial Insemination (AI) innovation, creature reproducing has developed by a wide margin. Presently the innovation is additionally refined for high return and sex choice. The pace with which these advancements are developing, it’s not far when each cows raising agriculturist would profit it.

What is sexed semen?

Sexed semen is particularly arranged semen containing sperms with chromosome for creating female calves or male calves as it were. Ordinarily spermatozoa in semen contain either X or Y as sex chromosome. Upon treatment with ova the X containing spermatozoa will deliver the female incipient organism and the Y containing spermatozoa will create a male developing life. Any given amount of semen will contain half spermatozoa with X chromosome and half spermatozoa with a Y chromosome. Sexed semen will contain sperms with either X chromosome or Y chromosome. Amid treatment with ordinary semen, the sex of the posterity can’t be anticipated and generation of the male calf is a weight to the agriculturist. Sexed semen takes out the creation of an undesirable male calf out of the condition in this manner making Animal Husbandry more feasible and gainful alternative for the agriculturist. The shot of generation of a female calf is over 95% utilizing sexed semen.

The Sexed semen innovation:

Under the ordinary microscopy, all sperms resemble the other alike, yet researchers take the benefit of the way that the sperms containing X chromosome are heavier than their partners conveying Y chromosome since they contain an additional 4% DNA. Sperms are first set apart with an exceptional color which hues the chromosome and are dealt with utilizing Flow cytometer machine. At the point when under process in stream cytometer the laser denotes the sperms with substantial chromosome which enlightens brighter due to the exceptional color. PC at that point doles out +tive charge to the sperms distinguished as containing X chromosome and – tive charge to the sperms containing Y chromosome. These labeled sperms would now be able to be effortlessly dealt with when they go through an electromagnetic field.

Indian Scenario:

Sexed semen innovation isn’t new to the world. Since its first advancement at a lab in Liverpool USA, sexed semen is being used in US and Europe from the earliest starting point of the 21st century. In India, the primary sexed semen lab was set up at West Bengal in 2009. A 2.9 crore BD Influx cell sorter lab was built up under RKVY plot. Appropriation of this innovation in India isn’t yet as hearty. Dynamic rancher relationship of Punjab and a few NGOs are disseminating their agriculturists imported sexed semen. The procedure of import is very long and intense.

Under make in India development, numerous privately owned businesses including BAIF, JK TRUST and enormous association like NDDB and Amul have demonstrated enthusiasm for building up sexed semen stations which could possibly cut down the cost of the semen straw. A decent quality semen straw is retailing at a rate of Rs 1000 to 1200 which is the greatest obstruction to its far reaching appropriation by the ranchers except if the administration give it at sponsored rates. As of late world driving sexed semen delivering firm from the UK, ABS India has tied up with Chitale Dairy in Maharashtra for the creation of great sexed semen of indigenous bovine breeds like Gir and Murrah in Buffalo.


There are different misinterpretations with respect to the utilization of sexed semen. The most widely recognized misguided judgment is that the odds of origination amid IVF with Sexed semen is under half in contrast with the ordinary straw, since the amount of sperm is less in the sexed semen in contrast with the typical semen. “This is an unadulterated misguided judgment”, says ABS India generation  there is just 5% to 10% shot of a diminishment in origination. In any case, he concurs that even with sexed semen there is a possibility of 5% posterity being male calves which is unfortunate. He likewise focuses on that the shot of Dystocia extraordinarily lessens in a parturating cow with the utilization of sexed semen on account of the little size of the female calves.